Sunday, November 23, 2008

North Shore Mountains - Nov 23, 2008

Friday brought the first real storm of the season to the lower BC Coast. Lots of rain and high winds swept in letting us know that winter is quickly approaching. The clouds always limit visibility and take away our view of the North Shore Mountains and sometimes even Gambier Island which is only 5-10 minutes by boat. Just to remind us that all things will pass, the dark clouds lifted, the winds calmed and the sun came out for a beautiful weekend. While we had received lots of rain at sea level, the mountains are newly dusted with the first snow of the year.

This picture is from our 2nd floor deck. Howe Sound is the body of water. Gambier Island is the lower section of green, and the North Shore Mountains are in the background. Our own Mount Elphinstone received a dusting as well. We live at the base of the mountain. This means cross country skiing on Dakota Ridge is coming soon!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Roberts Creek Pier - Nov 18

Errands took me out early today, and I'm glad they did. Another glorious day of sunshine and mild temperatures! I walked around the Heart of the Creek and stopped by the Gumboot Cafe. Then I headed down to the Roberts Creek Pier. It was high tide and the waves were crashing in against the rocky pier. I had the place to myself for a while and just listened to the waves. Lots of marine birds enjoying the stirred up waters along the coast.

This is a seagull atop an old post. I couldn't get a good picture because of the angle of the sun, but if you're ever in the area be sure to check out the mandala. This large painting is created new each year by the whole community to include all ages of talented artists and want-to-be contributers. It's an amazing collection of work that is truly Roberts Creek.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Ocean Beach Esplanade - Nov 17, 2008

Today was a beautiful sunny day that simply required a nice walk outside, so after raking leaves and tidying the garden I headed out to Ocean Beach Esplanade. This is a popular beach and walking area on the southern edge of the Sunshine Coast just outside of Gibsons. I had just started walking when I spotted a white tuft on one of the birds flying over the water. I followed for a bit and a beautiful bald eagle soon landed atop one of the shoreline trees. I hustled down the beach and was able to get this shot.

Unfortuately, I was adjusting the camera when he took flight. His wingspan was amazing but I couldn't get a picture. I was only about 100ft from the tree. He flew off in the opposite direction and soared over the hillside forest.
This was the view in the other direction. This tug was towing a log boom slowly across the horizon toward Vancouver. Just outside the picture was the ferry headed to Nanaimo. If you look closely...what look like the lowest clouds...a bit dark, are actually Vancouver Island. From this part of the Coast, you actually look straight south to Vancouver Island.

Here is hoping for more sunshine tomorrow.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cliff Gilker Park - Nov 13, 2008

Cliff Gilker Park is one of my favourite parks on the Sunshine Coast. It is possible to take a 10 minute break and enjoy a beautiful waterfall. It is also possible to walk for and hour or two and explore a wonderful forest, see amazing blowdowns, and imagine what BC looked like before Europeans arrived. Cliff Gilker is wheelchair accessible to the waterfall overlook. The rest of the trails are easy hiking that walkers of all ages can enjoy.
After a week of rain, it was wonderful to see clear skies and sunshine all day. The creek is quite full with lots of clear rushing water. The water crashes over the rocks so that next to the falls you can't hear anything else.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Langdale Park - Nov 2, 2008

These pictures are from Langdale Park, a short and easy hike from Arcturus Retreat B&B. The rain from the past week has the mountain creeks running strong and you can hear a waterfall from the park bench.

Sunny days in November are rare, so you have to take advantage of every sunny occurence. It is a simple gift to get outside and walk and explore. The leaves have turned colours over the past 2 weeks and are falling everywhere. Huge maple and sycamore leaves a foot across are everywhere. Most leaves are yellow, but there are highlights of red and orange that are so striking because they are so few.


Hi! Life moves so fast sometimes. Month after month goes by and sometimes I wonder where the time goes. I am going to try and remember more events and slow things down a bit by documenting some of the everyday experiences that make life so interesting. It is the little things that make life special, and with this blog I want to remember more of those little things in this beautiful place I call home.